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E-Journals Tips and Hints

Economist Online Access

Global reporting and analysis on economics, business, geopolitics, technology, and culture.

1) Start at
2) Choose “Log in with SSO.”
3) Enter your email address and click “Log in.”
4) Begin typing “Washington University in St. Louis” in the “Find your institution” box. Click on the “WU” box when it comes up.
5) You will be directed to the WUSTL Key Login Page. Login with your WUSTL key credentials. NOTE – if you are already logged in to another WUSTL application, you may not see the WUSTL Key Login Page. You may be taken directly to The Economist homepage in step 6.
6) After logging in, you should be directed to The Economist homepage. On the “My Economist” dropdown menu at the top right, click on “Account”. You should see a message that your Washington University in St. Louis subscription is currently active.
7) Click “Return to articles” to go back to the homepage.

Need Help?

Need help? We are here to help you! 

You can send an email to or call the Information Services desk at 314-362-7080.