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My Bibliography: What's New?

What Happened to the "Other Citations" Collection?

As of May 2019, there is only one collection in My Bibliography.

The “My Bibliography” and “Other Citations” collections have been combined into one collection. This will affect users who used the two collections to track and report their own publications, and publications that they did not author, but arose from their NIH award.

Citations that were in an “Other Citations” collection before the new interface was released have been merged into a “My Bibliography” collection and are labeled with a gray 'Other Citations' tag. Use the Manage Citations tool to set citations to private or public. Citations marked as private will not appear on the public view display for a My Bibliography. (Reviewers will not see the citations tagged as private.)

If a citation is set to private AND it has your funding award associated with it, it should display in the RPPR system. 

If you are the PI of a training grant or other award where you must report publications that you did not author, you may want to take advantage of this feature. See Viewing Citations and Making Citations Private.

If you have any feedback about the new changes, please submit your comments to the NCBI folks.

Display Settings Replaced with Sort and Filter

The Display Settings option in My Bibliography is no longer available. Display Settings has been replaced by Sort and Filter options. See Sorting, Filtering and Searching Citations.

My Bibliography Citation Status Table

Citation Status Tag

Display on public Biosketch URL?

Display on RPPR?




Other Citations



Blank (no tag)