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Medical Education Resources

Image Sources

Looking for images to include in a presentation or lecture? The resources listed on this page have image search tools, and allow you to easily export images to PowerPoint. These resources contain a variety of images including radiography images, pathology slides, anatomy charts, and diagnostic flow charts. When you download images from these cites they also include citation information. Click on the tabs above to learn about finding and downloading images from each of these resources.

To learn more about finding medical images, both historic and current, see the Finding Images resource guide

You may use UpToDate to look up diagnostic information or clinical summaries, but did you know there are also hundreds of images available? Here are instructions for searching for and exporting images in UpToDate:

*Note: You must be on the WUSM, BJH, or SLCH internet networks, be logged-in to a Becker proxy account, or have an UpToDate Anywhere account in order to access UpToDate.

1. Open UpToDate

2. To search for images, limit your search to "Graphics."

3. Select the image you would like to use, and click on the "Export to PowerPoint" option. You can also print the image from this screen

In Clinical Key you can find images and other forms of media derived from textbooks. You need to have a free Clinical Key Account in order to download images.

Note: You must be on the WUSM network or logged-in to your Becker proxy account to access Clinical Key. You can also access Clinical Key from a mobile app.


1. Open Clinical Key

2. Register or Log-in in to your Clinical Key account (links in the upper right corner) if you want to download images

3. Limit your search to "Multimedia" in the pull down menu next to the search box.  

4. Select the image you would like to use. A box will pop up with your image along with save/print options (icons on top of box). Click on the second icon if you want to export to PowerPoint (follow the steps below to complete the export process)

5. After saving the image to a presentation, click on your account name in the upper right corner and click on the "Presentations" link.

6. Next to your desired image (on the right side of the screen) you should see an export link. Click on the link and the image will be added to a PowerPoint slide.