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NIH Public Access Policy: PACM

What is PACM?

The NIH Public Access Compliance Monitor (PACM) provides an institution with the current compliance status of all journal articles that are associated with the institution and fall under the NIH Public Access Policy. This database is provided as a service to awardees to help them track  compliance.

The compliance monitor contains a list of all articles that NIH believes a particular grantee institution is responsible for under the terms of the Public Access Policy. An article published  in 2008 or later is included in the list if it has been associated with NIH funding (a grant, contract, etc.) provided to the institution. The funding connection may come from an acknowledgement statement in the article or from a separate association made by an author, e.g.,during the process of submitting the manuscript to the NIH Manuscript Submission (NIHMS) system; or NCBI My Bibliography.

The compliance monitor classifies articles according to compliance status and provides detailed information about each article—a full citation; associated grants and PIs; the PMID; and a link to the PubMed record. A PMID can also be used to search PACM for an individual journal article.

To gain access to PACM, users must first be assigned a “PACR” role by an  administrator at their institution who is authorized to assign roles in NIH’s eRA Commons grants  administration system. Users with a PACR role have access to the compliance reports for their  institution.

Generating a PACM Report

Go to PACM.

Enter the dates to search in PACM. The default is set to one year.

After entering dates for search, select the "Non-Compliant" Number and new page will display. Select the "Download as CSV file" located at the upper right of the page which will allow you save the file in Excel format. Sort as needed for PI and/or Grant Award number and discard all other information. Repeat using the "In Process" number.

An individual work can be searched in PACM using a PMID. See the "Search by PMID" tool located at the upper right of the main PACM page.

PACM Reports

  • Initial report: Use timeframe of 4/2008 to current
  • Quarterly reports: Use one year timeframe to current
  • Export data in Excel
  • Run “Non Compliant” and “In Process” lists
  • Sort by PI or Grant Award number; discard all other information
  • Check to confirm use of My Bibliography by PIs
  • Use My Bibliography to edit compliance status for works
  • Changes in My Bibliography are noted in PACM (and in PubMed)

See the My Bibliography tab for more information.


PACRs are persons authorized to access PACM.

PACRs are assigned by Laura Langton. Please check with Laura Langton to find out if your department, division or research group has an assigned PACR to run PACM reports. If not, please contact Cathy Sarli or Amy Suiter to request a PACM report based on grant award number or name of PI. We can also search PACM using a PMID to determine the compliance status of a work including:

  • submission status to NIHMS
  • the NIHMSID
  • name of the responsible author

This will help identify what steps need to be done to bring a work into compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy.

PACRs need an eRA Commons username in order to access PACM. After you are assigned PACR status by Laura Langton, please contact Sonia Moore for an eRA Commons username. Please note that your eRA Commons password will need to be changed every 90 days. If you are a PACR and cannot access PACM, change your password.

Understanding a PACM Report

See Understanding a PACM Report to learn more about the PACM Report format.