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NIH Public Access Policy: Submission Method B

Submission Method B

Some publishers offer a fee-based option to submit individual final published articles to PMC on behalf of NIH-funded authors, to be made publicly available within 12 months of publication. Authors are responsible for making arrangements with the publisher for this service via publisher copyright agreement form. If authors exercise this option, no further action is required for compliance except to cite the PMCID reference number in future NIH applications, proposals and progress reports. See Method B Select Deposit Publishers.

Submission Method B Steps

  • Acknowledge grant award/s in manuscript
  • Confirm embargo period of 12 months or less
  • Pay appropriate fee and notify journal the work requires submission to PMC
  • Retain copy of invoice/form

My Bibliography and Compliance:

  • Add the work to My Bibliography when a record for the work is in PubMed (or add manually if not) and use “Edit Status” tool to note Method B work
    (select the "Arrangements have been made for publisher on this list to send the final published article directly to PubMed Central.").
  • “PMC Journal – In Process” will appear automatically  
  • PMCID will appear after work is posted to PMC
  • Follow-up with journal if no PMCID one month after publication

Note to Authors

It is not necessary to pay a fee to a journal for the sole purpose of complying with the NIH Public Access Policy. If a journal requires a fee for NIH Policy compliance, please contact Cathy Sarli.