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Quantifying the Impact of My Publications: Book Metrics

This libguide provides guidance on metrics and reports that can be used to quantify performance and impact based on publication data.

Examples of Book and Book Chapter Metrics

  • How many libraries hold the book in their collections? Use WorldCat to find the number of libraries that hold the book in their collections.
  • Is the book noted on any Best Seller lists?
  • Is the book used as a textbook?
  • Are there any book reviews?
  • Is the book listed in Doody's Core Titles list?
  • Is the book available in an e-reader format as well as print?
  • Has the book been tweeted on Twitter?
  • Is the book noted on a publisher’s best-seller list?
  • What are the sales figures for the book?
  • Has the book been included in bibliographies?
  • Has the book or book chapter been cited in subsequent publications?
  • Has the author been invited to present on the topic related to the book or book chapter?
  • Has the author been invited to book signings?
  • Are there subsequent editions to the book?
  • Are there any translations of the book?
  • Has your book been awarded any prizes such as the PROSE Award or noted by an organization as having made a significant contribution to a field?

Using Google Scholar and Scopus to Find Citations to Books or Book Chapters

Google Scholar and Scopus are two resources that can be used to find citing works to books or book chapters. A book chapter by Rosalie M. Uchanski is used to illustrate how to use these two tools.

Book: The Handbook of Speech Perception. 2008. David Pisoni and Robert Remez, eds. Chapter 9: Clear Speech. Rosalie M. Uchanski



Google Scholar:

Enter the title of the book chapter and the author names. From the results, find the correct book chapter and click the “Cited by” link. From there, a list of works that cite the book chapter will be available for review.



Perform an Author Search for the author and from the results page, refine the search by book or book chapter using the Document Type filter on the left side.

The record page for the book chapter will display a “Cited By” box on the right side of the page. Select the “View all citing documents” link to view a list of works indexed by Scopus that cite the book chapter.

Books and Book Chapters

Locating evidence of performance and/or impact for books and book chapters is more difficult than traditional journal articles. Some recommended resources include:

Books and Book Chapters Indexed in Scopus

In 2013 Scopus began indexing select books and book chapters and as of June 2018, there are over 150,000 book titles indexed in Scopus. Book coverage includes monographs, edited volumes and major reference works and graduate level textbooks. Among the features of Scopus is that authors of books and book chapters can obtain citation counts for their works. See the Elsevier Content guide for more information on book coverage in Scopus and to obtain a list of books indexed in Scopus.

As follows is a current list of books and book chapters authored by WUSM authors indexed in Scopus:

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