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Manuscript Preparation Resources: Tools For Authors


The Becker Medical Library staff provides a wide variety of services and resources to assist faculty, researchers, authors and students in support of their scholarship and research efforts. The Tools for Authors subject guide contains resources targeted for authors. Additional information is available on Quantifying the Impact of My Publications and Scholarly and Research Impact.

Questions? Cathy Sarli or Amy Suiter

Open Access Resolution at Washington University

The Washington University in St. Louis Faculty Senate passed an Open Access Resolution that encourages faculty members to make their scholarly works freely available online by posting their works in institutional repositories. Digital Commons@Becker serves as the repository for hosting and preserving the scholarly work created at Washington University School of Medicine. Administered and maintained by the Bernard Becker Medical Library, Digital Commons@Becker provides groups, departments, centers, divisions, or programs at the School of Medicine with a platform for creating customized collections that reflect the wide range of their scholarly output.

For more information on the Open Access Resolution, see Open Access.

*Curate Yourself*


Authors are highly recommended to curate themselves by doing the following activities:

  • Establish and monitor your presence
  • Utilize strategies for “discoverability”
  • Present, participate and collaborate
  • Consider multiple avenues of dissemination for various audiences
  • Document your activities
  • Track your work
  • Go beyond numbers to tell your story 
See the Enhancing Your Impact tab for strategies for authors.