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Designing Search Strategies for Systematic Reviews: Librarian Workshop: FAQs


Who is the target audience for this course?

This course is designed primarily for librarians with beginner-intermediate experience creating systematic review literature search strategies. However, librarians with more experience designing systematic reviews have also attended our course and have found it valuable.

Should I attend if I've been to other systematic review courses?

"Designing Search Strategies for Systematic Reviews" provides course participants with the opportunity to design and execute a systematic review literature search in multiple databases. If this is something that you haven't experienced in other courses, or if you would like more practice, then this class could be a good addition to your other coursework!

Should I attend if I'm a librarian who works in subject areas other than bio-medicine? 

We use a medical case study example and use biomedical databases like Medline and Embase during the course. However, the material we cover during the course can be adapted to most subject areas.

Do you provide demonstrations or exercises for systematic review support software like Covidence or DistillerSR?

We do not provide a demonstration or exercises using these software programs because it would go beyond the scope of the learning objectives for this course.

Does the course cover topics like filtering results, critically appraising articles, statistical analysis, or any other steps that may be involved in completing a systematic review project?

The chief aim of the course is to provide training and hands-on learning opportunities for creating thorough systematic review search strategies. We do discuss preparing the search methodology section for a manuscript and updating a systematic review search prior to publication, but we do not go over these other post-search steps in-depth during the class.



Other Questions?

Have  other questions about the course? Please contact:

Lauren Yaeger:; 314-362-8092