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Systematic Review Guide

Covidence Screening Application

Covidence is a screening and data extraction tool for conducting systematic reviews. It allows screening to be more efficient and easily tracked. It is available to Washington University School of Medicine students, staff, and faculty who are working with Becker librarians. 

The main steps for Covidence:
1. Upload search results as an RIS file
2. Covidence will automatically deduplicate records
3. Screen abstracts for relevancy by two or more reviewers
4. Screen full text using inclusion and exclusion criteria
5. Resolve disagreements
6. Complete data extraction after customizing templates
7. Conduct risk of bias assessment
8. Export data into RevMan or Excel


Users need to collaborate with a Becker librarian to access the Covidence institutional account. Access is restricted to faculty and staff of the Washington University School of Medicine campus. To begin using Covidence:

  1. Submit a SR Request form. On the form select "Yes" for the question: "Do you want to use Covidence?" 
  2. A librarian will contact you about initiating the project.
  3. When the search is complete, the librarian will create a Covidence project for your team and upload citations. The librarian will invite you and other team members listed on the SR request form to join the project.
  4. Accept the invitation in your email. Check your spam folder if the invitation doesn't appear within a few hours. Please also keep in mind that the link is one-time use and will expire in ~30 days.
  5. You can invite other reviewers (from inside or outside of WUSM) to join your project under Settings--> Reviewers.