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We now subscribe to JoVE Unlimited. This means that you have full access to the entire JoVE video library: 16,000+ videos illustrating key concepts, research techniques and experiments across multiple science disciplines.

Our JoVE access includes:

  • JoVE Journal: Peer-reviewed journal with articles published in video and text format.
  • JoVE Encyclopedia of Experiments: Video encyclopedia of advanced research experiments.
  • JoVE Science Education: A library of videos that illustrate research methods, concept application, and real-world examples.
  • JoVE Lab Manual: Curriculum-focused video resources for commonly taught introductory labs with step-by-step instructions.
  • JoVE Core: Video textbooks that bring introductory concepts and methods to life.
  • JoVE Book: Digital book that explains scientific concepts and practices through video demonstrations, supplemented with in-depth text explanations and practice quizzes.

New - Ditki

Through a rigorous creative process, Ditki Medical & Biological Sciences presents science in an instructive format that flows logically, so comprehension comes naturally, and memorization comes easily. The Ditki multimodal learning tools and student-focused approach meet diverse learner needs, so students learn difficult concepts faster and retain information longer.  Watch an Overview video.

Key Features:

  • • Concise, clear tutorials that use a step-wise approach to make medical science easier to learn and remember
  • • Interactive exercises, drills, quizzes, and downloadable flashcards
  • • 1,000+ board review questions for USMLE, COMLEX, NP/A Exams, and more!
  • • Instructor tools to guide and assess student learning and seamless LMS integtation
  • • CME opportunities and clinical pearls, to bolster medical practice