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Clinical Rounding Service: Invite a Librarian on Teaching Rounds

The concept of clinical librarianship, whereby librarians are integrated into the health care setting, has been practiced since the 1970s. Librarians have been included in teaching or inpatient rounds, morning report and journal clubs.

Librarians can add an academic dimension to your team 3 Reasons to Invite Your Librarian on Clinical Rounds Clinical Librarians



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Librarians support evidence-based patient centered care by being part of your multidisciplinary team at the point of decision making.

Librarians save time by connecting you and your team with the information you need. They can keep you informed about the latest information resources.

Studies show that clinicians have at least 1 question for every 2 patients, and only 40% of those questions are actually pursued.  With a librarian, the obstacles of locating information disappear (Del Fiol G ,et al., Clinical  questions raised by clinicians at the point of care: a systematic review. JAMA 2015).

Debbie Thomas,MLS

Lauren Yaeger, MLS


Michelle Doering, MLS

The impact of clinical librarians rounding:

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