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Mobile Medicine Resources: Becker Resources

Becker Resources

These apps are provided for members of the Washington University School of Medicine community by Becker Library subscriptions. You do not need to purchase these apps, but for most of them you will need to create an account while on the internet network at the Washington University School of Medicine (WUSM network). 

UCentral App: Washington Manual and ABX Guide

Becker Medical Library offers access to the Unbound Medicine UCentral app. With this app you can access the Washington Manual of Medical Therapeutics and the Johns Hopkins Antibiotics (ABX) Guide, and 5 Minute Clinical Consult anytime, anywhere from your mobile device. Follow these instructions to access and install the UCentral app. There is also a PDF copy of these instructions found at the bottom of the box.

  1. Register for a UCentral account while on the Washington University School of Medicine internet network (WUSM network). Click here to register:
    If you are on a computer click on the "Log-in" link in the upper right corner, then click on the "Register"  button. If you are on a mobile device click the "Register" button.
  2. Download the free UCentral app from iTunes (Apple devices) or Google Play (Android devices)
  3. Open the app and log-in to your account. The first time you do this you should be on the WUSM internet network
  4. Once you are logged in, you should see a dashboard screen. On the top of the screen you will see icons for each of the titles and tools that you can access via the UCentral app. Simply click on the title you're interested in and you will be able to access the full content for that title.

Once you have you account established you can access The Washington ManualThe ABX Guide, and 5 Minute Clinical Consult on network, off network, and even off line.

Device Availability:  Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod, and Android tablets and smartphones

Read by QxMD

The Read by QxMD app allows you to find and access journal articles quickly and easily on your mobile device.The institutional edition provides “one tap” access to full text articles, even when off the medical campus (must have a Becker proxy account). Please follow these instructions if you would like to try the Read by QxMD app:

  • Download the Read by QxMD app (available for Apple and Android devices)
  • Open the app and click on the “Start reading” button (or click “log-in if you have an existing account)

After you have created or signed-in to your account, you will need to set-up institutional access:

  • Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen
  • Select “Account details” and click on the “Institution” field.
  • On the next screen scroll through the alphabetic list and select “Washington University in St. Louis—School of Medicine”
  • Click “done” in the upper right corner to save the new settings. Exit the account details box.
  • Click on the gear icon again and select “Institutional Access”
  • On this screen select “Automatic Login using Library Login” (if you would like the app to log-in to the Becker proxy server automatically)
  • Enter your Becker proxy account username and password. It may take a moment for your information to save. An error message will pop up if you entered your information incorrectly.

You should now be ready to use the Read by QxMD app to access full-text content.  You can learn more about the best ways to use the Read App in this review: LINK

Device Availability: Android and Apple smartphones and tablets

Access Medicine App

The Access Medicine App provides mobile, off-line access to the following resources: Quick Medical Dx & Rx, Fitzpatrick's Color Atlas of Clinical Dermatology, Diagnosaurus (differential diagnosis tool), and The Pocket Guide to Diagnostic Tests.

Here are instructions for downloading/access the app:

1. Create an Access Medicine Account (if you don't already have one). You cannot create an account via the app, but must do so through the Access Medicine website (must be on WUSM internet network to access): Access Medicine Link

2. Download the Access Medicine app from Google Play (Android) or App Store (Apple)

3. Sign-in to the app using your Access Medicine username/password

NOTE: You must sign-in to your Access Medicine account while on the WUSM internet network once every 90 days to maintain access to the app.

Device Availability: Android and Apple smartphones and tablets


Ebsco Host Mobile

The Ebsco Host app allows you to search for articles in Ebsco databases including CINAHL and PsycInfo.


  • Download the Ebsco Host app from iTunes (Apple devices), or Google Play (Android devices)
  • Open CINAHL or PsycInfo (must be on the WUSM network to access)
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the link for "iPhone and Android Apps"
  • Enter your email address into the form. You will receive an email with an authentication link
  • Access the confirmation email from Ebsco from your device and click the link found in the email to authenticate the application (the authentication link will expire after 24 hours)

Device availability: iPhone/iPad (Apple devices), and Android Devices

Ovid Today

The Ovid Today app allows you to view the most current journal articles from the library's collection of Ovid journals. The app is currently only available for iPad. Please note that you can only access the full text of journals that Becker Library subscribes to (some journals listed in the app are not available in full text)

Please contact Angela Hardi at or 314-362-2787 to receive our institution's username/password for accessing Ovid Today.

Here are instructions for downloading/accessing the app:

  • Download the Ovid Today app (iPad only)
  • Open the app and click on the link “Login using your Ovid SP ID and Password” (this link is below the big blue box that says “Let’s get started”
  • Enter the log-in information provided by Angela Hardi ( at Becker Library
  • On the next screen click on the “Create a personal account” link
  • Finally, fill out the personal account form information and choose a username and password

Note: the Ovid Today personal account is not the same as the Ovid database log-in

UpToDate Anywhere

UpToDate Anywhere gives you off-campus access to UpToDate on your mobile device or from you home computer. Here are basic instructions for getting started with UpToDate Anywhere (detailed instructions found in a PDF document below)

NOTE (7/26/17): Some users have reported receiving an error message (Invalid Account) when trying to sign-in to the app. If this happens we recommend uninstalling the app and re-installing while on the WUSM internet network (if installed on one of the hospital networks). You can also contact UpToDate customer support at:

Here is Video that takes you through the process step-by-step:

1. Make sure your computer or mobile device is connected to the WUSM, BJH, or SLCH network.

2. Go to the Becker Library Website

2. Click on UpToDate (it is listed under Popular Resources on the front page)

3. Click on Log-in/Register and create an UpToDate account. A confirmation email will be sent to you with your chosen username and a link to recover your password.

5. Install the free UpToDate app on your mobile device (available in the App store, Google Play, and Windows App store)

6. Log-in using the username and password selected during the registration process

NOTE: You must sign-in to your UpToDate account while on the WUSM, BJH, or SLCH internet networks once every 90 days to maintain access to the app.

Device Availability: iPhone/iPad, Android devices, Windows 8 devices

Clinical Key

ClinicalKey offers access to thousands of Elsevier eBook and journal titles, along with point-of-care information from First Consult. There is now an app available (Android and Apple) which makes accessing Clinical Key content even easier for mobile device users.

Detailed installation instructions can be found below, or you can watch a short video that will walk you through these steps here:

Before using the Clinical Key Mobile app you will need to create a Clinical Key account and activate remote access:

  • While on the WUSM network (or logged in to your proxy account) go to
  • Select Register in the upper right hand corner
  • Fill out the registration form, using your WUSM email address as your username.

Next, to access Clinical Key when you are off the WUSM network , you will need to apply for remote access:

  • Go back to the Clinical Key website ( while still on the WUSM network
  • Make sure you are completely logged out of your account
  • Click on the “Log-in” link on the top of the page
  • Click on the “Apply for Remote Access” link on the bottom of the page
  • Enter your WUSM email address (it should be the same one you used to create an account)
  • A confirmation email will be sent to you. Once you receive it, click the “Activate your remote access” link.
  • ClinicalKey will display a confirmation that remote access is complete and will prompt you to log in.
  • Complete your login process. Remote access is now enabled.

Please note that you will need to log-in to the app while on the WUSM network periodically in order to maintain remote access.

Now you can download the Clinical Key app:

  • Open the App Store on your mobile device (Available in Google Play for Android devices, and iTunes for Apple devices)
  • Search for “ClinicalKey” and install the free app
  • Log-in to the app using the username/password you selected earlier. The username should be your WUSM email address.
  • Once in the app, two options will appear – ClinicalKey and ClinicalKey for Nursing – Choose ClinicalKey
  • The search box performs a search on all resources.  To find Clinics and eBooks by title, choose the menu in the left corner and select Browse.  Chose to browse Books, Journals, Multimedia or Procedures Consult.

Please note that you must have an internet connection in order to use the ClinicalKey app.

Device Availability: Apple and Android smartphones and tablets

Clinical Pharmacology

Clinical Pharmacology is now available as a mobile app. You will need a Clinical Key remote access account in order to utilize the app. Please refer to the Clinical Pharmacology instructions tab to learn how to access the app via your Clinical Key account:

Device Availability: Apple and Android

Web of Science Anywhere

Web of Science Anywhere allows you to access to the Web of Science database from off campus. This isn't an app, but does provide access on your device via any mobile web browser

Here are the instructions for accessing Web of Science Anywhere

1. Go to from a computer on the WUSM internet network

2. Click the "Sign in" link (upper right side of screen) and register for an account

3. Your will receive an email verifying your account

Once your account has been created, you can access Web of Science anywhere. You will just need to log-in with your chosen username and password.

Device Availability: All devices with a mobile web browser


Stat!Ref is a resource for accessing some eBook titles in Becker's collection. The Stat!Ref app allows you to access these titles from your mobile device


  • Go to the Stat!Ref site (must be on WUSM internet network)
  • Click the "My Stat!Ref" link in the upper right corner
  • Create an account (or log-in if you already have an account)
  • Next, Click on the "Temporary Login Account" tab
  • Click on "Activate/Renew"
  • Download the Stat!Ref app
  • Log-in to the app using your selected username and password

You must click on the "Activate/Renew" link once every 90 days to maintain your mobile access.

Device Availability: iPhone/iPad (iTune), Android devices (Google Play), and  Amazon Kindle

DSM V Mobile Access

The mobile web version of the DSM V is available for free to all Washington University School of Medicine students, faculty, staff, and residents. In order to have full access to the DSM V you will need to follow these steps:

  • Make sure you are on the Washington University Internet network. You can access the network anywhere on the Washington University Medical School campus, at Becker Medical Library (in-person or via proxy), or on select computers at St. Louis Children's Hospital Medical Library (3rd Floor)
  • Go to
  • On the top of the screen click on the "My POL" link on the blue banner
  • Create a "MyPOL" account (must be on WashU network when creating your account)
  • On your mobile device, open a web browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.), and go to
  • Scroll towards the bottom of the page and click on the "Sign In" link. Sign into the account you created

Once you follow these steps you can access the DSM V mobile website from anywhere off and on campus. You need to log-in to the site from the Washington University School of Medicine Internent network at least once every 90 days to maintain access off campus.

Note: This is not the app version of the DSM V, but a mobile-optimized version of the website.