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Text and Data Mining (TDM): Free Sources

The Text and Data Mining (TDM) guide provides a brief overview of TDM and available data sources for TDM projects.

Notes for Free Data Sources

The Free Data Sources list contains a listing of vendors and publishers that provide freely available resources for TDM. Note that some vendors and publishers have stipulations/limitations, and that policies may change. Researchers using free data resources for their TDM project need to abide by the terms governing the resource.

For vendors and publishers not on the list, please contact Denise Hannibal or Cathy Sarli.

Free Data Sources

Publisher/Source Content Access Information
bioRxiv bioRxiv preprints bioRxiv Machine Access and Text/data Mining Resources
medRxiv medRxiv preprints medRxiv Machine Access and Text/data Mining Resources
National Library of Medicine (NLM) NLM databases and biomedical content


NLM Web Applications

Public Library of Science (PLOS) PLOS journal content



PubMed Central (PMC) Open Access biomedical content PMC E-Utilities and Datasets