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Anesthesiology Resources

A guide for resources related to Anesthesiology

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Welcome.  This guide presents a few of the Anesthesiology resources available at the Bernard Becker Medical Library.  Many of these resources are only available to Faculty, Staff and Students. For most resources, you need to be on the WUSM internet network or log-in to a Becker Proxy account.  More information about Remote Access with a Becker Proxy account is available here

Anesthesiology Blast from the Past

Helen Lamb administering anesthetics using the 'Flying Fortress, Barnes Model' in 1941. Helen Lamb administering anesthetics using the 'Flying Fortress, Barnes Model' in 1941. Lamb was the chief anesthetist at Barnes Hospital and director of the hospital's School of Anesthesia from 1929 until her retirement in 1952. Lamb had written to Dr. Richard von Foregger, a leading manufacturer of anesthetic equipment, and asked him to incorporate metric calibration and closer control of the flow of gases. Von Foregger responded by developing the desired equipment and offering to name it the 'Lamb Model.' Helen Lamb declined the honor and suggested that the newly designed equipment be named the 'Barnes Model.' This photograph accompanied an article about Helen Lamb that appeared in the Barnes Hospital Bulletin in December 1966.

Source: Bernard Becker Medical Library, Washington University School of Medicine Image Gallery

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