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NIH Biosketch : Research Support

Research Support

Research Support

List both selected ongoing and completed research projects for the past three years (Federal or non-Federally-supported).

Begin with the projects that are most relevant to the research proposed in the application.

Briefly indicate the overall goals of the projects and responsibilities of the key person identified on the Biographical Sketch.

Do not include number of person months or direct costs.

Notes: Research Support

  • NIH and Health Research Alliance (HRA) grantees who have linked their eRA/HRA accounts to My NCBI will have the Research Support section automatically populated with their NIH and/or HRA research awards.

  • Investigators who have grant funding information in their ORCID profiles can opt to use ORCID as the source for auto-populating the Research Support section of the biosketch. See My NCBI – ORCID Author Data Integration with SciENcv.