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NIH Biosketch : URL to Publication List

URL to Publication List

The Contributions to Science section offers investigators the option to include a URL to a full list of published work. As of 25 May 2016, the URL must be to a government website (.gov) such as My Bibliography.

NOTE: The URL for a publication list is optional.


  • Use the My Bibliography “Sharing feature to obtain a URL. 
  • Click the “Make it Public” link.
  • A URL will appear.
  • Copy and paste the entire URL string to the template.
  • Private/Public settings are flexible.


  • Check the box below the Contributions to Science box. 

NOTE: The URL from a SciENcv-created biosketch will appear different from a link to a My Bibliography account. Either URL can be used in a biosketch.


Notes: URL to Publication List

  • As of 25 May 2016, the URL for a publication list must be to a government website (.gov) such as My Bibliography.

  • Spell the URL in full, beginning with "http://."

  • Do not embed the link as hyperlinked text. The link will not remain active after processing.

  • Only one URL is allowed in the Biosketch. Any URLs other than the List of Published Works to a government website will not be allowed. [Source: NIH]

Public vs Private Settings

My Bibliography is set as Private by default. To change My Bibliography from Private to Public:

1. Sign into My NCBI and go to the My Bibliography box on your My NCBI portal page.

2. From the upper left side of the My Bibliography box, check the setting. If the setting is Private, click the "Settings" link noted in the screenshot below.

3. Under Bibliography Sharing, select the radio button for Public and click “Save.” A public URL and HTML code will be provided to share with others or to add to an NIH Biosketch or website.


  • When a user clicks a public URL link to view a My Bibliography, the retrieval will include all the citations/references currently in the My Bibliography.
  • Adding or deleting citations/references does not require an update to the public URL link.
  • If a My Bibliography is changed back to private setting, the public URL link will be non-functional. Changing the setting back to public does not change the URL link.

Source: NCBI My Bibliography