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Open Access : Elsevier Discounts on Article Processing Charges (APCs)

Elsevier Discounts on Article Processing Charges (APCs)

Washington University’s recently renewed contract with Elsevier allows for a 25% discount on article processing charges (APCs) for open access articles published in most Elsevier journals.

Eligible titles include over 2,000 Elsevier-owned journals, with the exception of Cell Press and The Lancet, and certain society titles. Please check the Washington University in St. Louis Journal Finder List to confirm eligible titles.

The discount applies to corresponding authors from Washington University in St. Louis whose manuscripts were submitted to eligible Elsevier journals as of Jan. 1, 2020, and will continue through Dec. 31, 2022. Authors who submitted prior to implementation of the workflow should be notified automatically and the discount will be applied retroactively. Authors on the medical campus should reach out to Cathy Sarli to learn more about the discount.

The Process

When a corresponding author submits a manuscript for peer review to an Elsevier journal eligible for an APC discount to publish the work as open access, the author will receive notification confirming eligibility after the work has been accepted for publication. The corresponding author’s acceptance email from an Elsevier journal editor will contain a link to the Elsevier Open Access Platform (EOAP) for the author to complete their "Publishing Journey." The corresponding author can chose from two options for the work:

  • Publish under the traditional publication model (non open access).
  • Publish under a Creative Commons license (open access/Gold). 
    • CC BY
    • CC BY-NC-ND

If the corresponding author selects a Creative Commons license, the APC will be reduced by 25% upon validation of the WU affiliation of the corresponding author. Upon validation of WU affiliation, the corresponding author is sent an invoice for the reduced APC. Please note that there can be multiple corresponding authors for a work.

For more information and videos: Elsevier Journal Article Publishing Support Center.



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