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Occupational Therapy

The Key To Good Literature Searching: Get To Know Your Librarian

"The savvy investigator begins his or her search of the literature by contacting --in person (ideally), by phone, by e-mail, or on the Web-the nearest health sciences librarian (or information professional)." Schuster, D. P. P. W. J., & Md (2005). Translational and experimental clinical research (chapter 2 by Christina Sullivan and Neville Prendergast)


All research to some extent relies on the results of previous research endeavors and scientific inquiry. The record of these results in biomedical research is best found in the published health sciences literature. A search of this literature, therefore, should be an integral part of any research undertaking.

Schuster DP, Powers WJ. Translational and experimental clinical research. Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins; 2005.

Select A Database


CINAHL Plus --Limit search box to Instrumentation (e.g Berg Balance Test--IN Instrumentation)

HaPI Health and Psychosocial Instruments (HaPI) is a database that provides access to informationon approximately 15,000 measurement instruments (i.e. questionnaires, interview schedules,checklists, coding schemes, rating scales, etc.) in the fields of health and psychosocialsciences.

MMY Mental Measurements Yearbook with Tests In Print, produced by the Buros Institute of Mental Measurements at the University of Nebraska, provides users with a comprehensive guide to over 3,000 contemporary testing instruments.  Tests in Print (TIP) serves as a comprehensive bibliography to all known commercially available tests that are currently in print in the English language. TIP provides vital information to users including test purpose, test publisher, in-print status, price, test acronym, intended test population, administration times, publication date(s), and test author(s).

PsycINFO--Limit search box to TM Tests and Measures(Berg Balance Test--TM Tests and Measures)

PsycTESTS  An unparalleled resource for psychological measures, scales, and instrumentation tools