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Grant Writing Science Writing Presentations & Posters

Grant Writing:  Part 1  Dougherty, J. [wustl key login]


Grant Writing: Part 2
Dougherty, J.  [wustl key login]


Grant Writing: Part 3
Doughtery, J.  [wustl key login]


Grant Writing: Part
Doughtery, J.   [wustl key login]

Yang, O. O. Guide to Effective Grant Writing : How to Write a Successful NIH Grant Application  2012

NIH Grant Writing Tips

WUSTL Grants Library

Nature - Free sample of scientific writing & publishing

Frank DJ. "How to write a research manuscript"  Current Protocols 2018;18(1):e20

Lopez JC  Demystifying the editorial process  Haystack Science 

Carter M.  Designing Science Presentations:  A visual guide to figures, papers, slides, posters and more.

Patience GSCommunicate science papers, presentations and posters effectively.  

Hutchins, JA.  Tailoring Scientific Communications for Audience and Research Narrative.  Current Protocols 2020: 20(1):e40