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Practice of Medicine:POM (Medical Students I, II, III)

This guide is for all medical students

Schedule a Individualized/Group Training Session


By attending an individualized training session the student(s) will learn how to efficiently and effectively search the Medline (PubMed or OVID) database to find the best evidence for their clinical and research questions. When developing a search strategy, it requires users to demonstrate the ability to think critically about information. This training will provide lifelong learning research skillsI am happy to accommodate any student's schedule and meet during a time that is convenient for them.


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Find an EBM article
Manage your references[how to]

Answer your research questions

Find a resource that is most likely to answer your question

Provide Consultations/Ask for help

Search the literature for research rrticles

Explain MeSH vs Keyword searching

Find material for a poster presentation