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Systematic Review Request Form

Fill out a request form

To fill out this form you will need to have conducted a preliminary search; have a PICO question; inclusion and exclusion criteria and a minimum of two example articles, however, if you have additional articles that you know you will include in your analysis then provide those as well.

We are often working on several systematic reviews and must attend to the reviews by the order in which we receive them.  Please contact us a minimum of 6-8 weeks before you hope to begin screening abstracts.  Thank you!


Washington University School of Medicine faculty, students, and staff are eligible for Becker Medical Library Systematic Review Services.  Add a Becker Librarian to your author team and we will design and manage thorough, complex searches in multiple databases.

We will work with your team to design and report robust search strategies based on guidelines and standards set forth by Cochrane, PRISMA, and IOM. 

Our services include:

  • Designing comprehensive search strategies
  • Locating the best resources to search based on the request question
  • Translating search strategies across multiple resources
  • Using citation management software to organize search results
  • Reporting the search process according to current standards and guidelines
  • Remaining current in best evidence, best practice, standards, and guidelines
  • Conducting informatics based research to improve the precision, recall, and reproducibility of designed search filters
  • Written methods section regarding search design and implementation according to PRIMA and IOM guidelines
  • Data required for generating a PRIMA flow diagram