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E-Books Tips and Hints

A guide to using E-Book and Online book resources provided by the Bernard Becker Medical Library.

Finding E-Books

Library Catalog

E-Books are available in the  Library Catalog .  After a search, you'll notice that many of your results will say:  Online Access: Click here for full text .  Follow these links to access the E-Books. 

Library Catalog Advanced Search

If you know in advance that you are only interested in finding E-Books, you may want to use the Library Catalog's Advanced Search option.  Here you can enter a search and select to limit the results to only E-Books.

E-Resources search

If you know the title of the book you are looking for, you can browse an alphabetical list of E-Books and search for E-Books by title here

Olin Library

Olin Library subscribes to a number of Science and Technology E-Books that are also accessible to members of the Washington University Medical School Campus.   Visit Olin's Science & Technology E-Books Guide to see what they offer.

Direct Access


You may also go directly to the publisher's or third party's website and while searching other databases. If you have downloaded a proprietary app to your mobile device or have learned that your topic of interest is well covered by a particular site you can access E-Books directly from their site provided you have access from the network to which your computer is connected.  For more information about accessing E-Books see the information here

Many of our most popular sources include searchable eBooks. In most cases, you can browse eBooks or limit a search to only include E-Books.



Free and Open Access

In addition to the library's holdings, you can take advantage of many freely available texts from these sources.

An interface for searching a wide variety of freely available E-Books, articles, dissertations and more.

A partnership among many university libraries, you can find free E-Books by searching full text and limiting to "full view."  As of January 1, 2012, Washington University became a member of the HathiTrust..

National Academies Press
All of their E-books can be read for free online. With a free login, you can also download chapters and books.

Project Gutenberg
One of the earliest eBook projects and a great source for free copies of classics.

Open Library
An interface to the published books on, Open Library provides an easy way to find freely available E-Books.

Internet Archive
A vast archive of online files and documents. The Texts section includes published books and other types of texts.