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Resources for M1s

This guide has been created specifically for first year medical students. There are links to required readings as well as other useful resources

Text Books

(required text)   Parham, P.  The Immune System. 2015, 4th ed.  (Becker Library has this text in print, QW 504 P246i2015)
(required text)   Notarangelo & Geha.  Case Studies in Immunology: a clinical companion.  2016, 7th ed  (Becker Library has this text in print, WD 300 R813c 2016)

Recommended:  Murphy, K  Janeway's Immunobiology.  2017, 9th ed.  (Becker Library has this text in print, QW 504 J33i 2017) 

(Other Becker library Immunology texts available in electronic format) not listed in Course Book

Cruse, J.M.  Lewis R.E.  Atlas of Immunology  2010, 3rd ed
Abbas, A.K.  Basic Immunology  2012, 4th
Paul, W.E.  Fundamental immunology  2013, 7th ed
Cruse, J.M. Illustrated dictionary of immunology.  2009, 3rd ed
Doan, T.    Immunology  2013, 2nd ed
Sompayrac, L  How the immune system works.  2012, 4th ed