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Welcome to Mobile Medicine

Welcome to the Mobile Medicine Applications Guide! 

With the rising popularity of smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices has come new and innovative ways for medical professionals to find information. This guide is designed to provide information about medical applications that you will find useful for research, clinical practice, and patient education. Some of the resources listed in this guide are available free to everyone, some are available to you at no cost through Becker Library subscriptions (if you are affiliated with the Washington University School of Medicine), and others you will need to purchase before using.

Please contact the library if you have questions about finding, installing, or using medical apps. Please keep in mind that due to the sheer number of smart phones, tablets, and mobile devices available we may not be able to assist with technical issues, but we will try our best to help you.

Do you have a favorite medical app that you don't see listed in this guide? If so, please let us know and we will add it to our resources!


Medical App News from iMedicalApps


Note of Caution

As a medical professional you are aware that there are both good and poor sources of health information available online. The same is true for medical apps. The apps highlighted in this guide are offered through reputable sources and many have been reviewed by doctors or other medical professionals. However, always be cautious when utilizing medical apps for patient care. Medical apps are not currently regulated (with the exception of those that require approval from the FDA), so they can be published by anyone, even those without a medical background.  Reputable apps should clearly list creators, their credentials, and outline limitations of the app. Always exercise clinical judgment when using apps--if the information doesn't seem correct, then another source should be consulted.

Subject Guide

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Icon List

You will see these icons throughout the Libguide to note app availability for different mobile device platforms:

= Apple, iPhone, and iPad
= Android
= Windows Mobile
= Blackberry
= Internet source (available to all devices with a web browser)


Please feel free to stop by Becker Library or contact me by email or phone if I can be of assistance to you!