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History of Medicine: Bibliography

The study of the development of medical science and the role that medicine has played in society.

Recent History of Medicine Books by Date of Publication

Medicine & health care in early Christianity ; Gary B. Ferngren.  Johns Hopkins University Press, c2009

Frontier medicine : from the Atlantic to the Pacific, 1492-1941 ; David Dary.  Alfred A. Knopf, c2008

A History of medicine ; Plinio Prioreschi.  Horatius press, 1996-

Passions and tempers : a history of the humours ; Noga Arikha.  Ecco, c2007

The Medieval hospital and medical practice ; edited by Barbara S. Bowers.  Ashgate, c2007

Medical lives in the age of surgical revolution ; M. Anne Crowther and Marguerite W. Dupree. Cambridge University Press, c2007

Medicine and religion in Enlightenment Europe ; edited by Ole Peter Grell and Andrew Cunningham.
Ashgate, c2007

The Western medical tradition : 1800 to 2000 ; W. F. Bynum ... [et al.].  Cambridge University Press, c2006

The Cambridge history of medicine ; edited by Roy Porter.  Cambridge University Press, c2006

A History of medicine ; Lois N. Magner.  Taylor & Francis, c2005

Medicine in the days of the pharaohs ; Bruno Halioua and Bernard Ziskind ; translated by M.B. DeBevoise.  Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, c2005

The Brain takes shape : an early history ; Robert L. Martensen.  Oxford University Press, c2004

Medical firsts : from Hippocrates to the human genome ; Robert E. Adler.  John Wiley & Sons, c2004

A Short history of cancer ; Marvin J. Stone.  Baylor University Medical Center, 200

History of organ and cell transplantation ; editors, Nadey S. Hakim, Vassilios E. Papalois.  Imperial College Press ; c2003

Bittersweet : diabetes, insulin, and the transformation of illness ; Chris Feudtner.  University of North Carolina Press, c2003.

Disease and medicine in world history ; Sheldon Watts.  Routledge, c2003

Ether day : the strange tale of America's greatest medical discovery and the haunted men who made it ; Julie M. Fenster.  Perennial, 2002

To grasp the essence of life : a history of molecular biology ; by Rudolf Hausmann ; translated by Celma and Rudolf Hausmann.  Kluwer Academic Publishers, c2002

Sexual chemistry : a history of the contraceptive pill ; Lara V. Marks.  Yale University Press, C2001

Bodies politic : disease, death, and doctors in Britain, 1650-1900 ; Roy Porter. Cornell University Press, c2001

Women and modern medicine ; edited by Lawrence Conrad and Anne Hardy.  Rodopi, c2001

Malaria : poverty, race, and public health in the United States ; Margaret Humphreys.  Johns Hopkins University Press, c2001

A Disease once sacred : a history of the medical understanding of epilepsy ; Mervyn J. Eadie and Peter F. Bladin.  John Libbey, c2001

Biology of plagues : evidence from historical populations ; Susan Scott and Christopher J. Duncan.
Cambridge University Press, c2001

A History of surgery ; Harold Ellis.  Greenwich Medical Media, c2001

The History of medications for women : materia medical woman ; by Michael J. O'Dowd.  Parthenon Pub. Group, c2001

Rising life expectancy : a global history ; James C. Riley.  Cambridge University Press, c2001

Science, technology, and medicine in Colonial India ; David Arnold.  Cambridge University Press, c2000

The Wages of sin : sex and disease, past and present ; Peter Lewis Allen.  University of Chicago Press, c2000

Pioneers of medicine and their impact on tuberculosis ; Thomas M. Daniel.  University of Rochester Press, c2000

Man and medicine : a history ; Farokh Erach Udwadia.  Oxford University Press, c2000

The White death : a history of tuberculosis ; Thomas Dormandy.  New York University Press, c1999

Medicine in the twentieth century ; edited by Roger Cooter and John Pickstone.  Harwood Academic Publishers, c2000

The Rise and fall of modern medicine ; James Le Fanu.  Carroll & Graf Publishers, 2000, c1999

Minds behind the brain : a history of the pioneers and their discoveries ; by Stanley Finger.  Oxford University Press, c2000

History of medicine: a scandously short introduction ; Jacalyn Duffin. University of Toronto Press, 2000, c1999

The Western medical tradition : 800 B.C.-1800 A.D. ; Wellcome Institue for the History of Medicine, London. Cambridge University Press, c1995

Medicine in America : a short history ; James H. Cassedy. Johns Hopkins University Press, 1991

American medical schools and the practice of medicine : a history ; William G. Rothstein. Oxford University Press, c1987



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