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Tools for Authors: Publication Metrics

This libguide provides guidance for authors in support of their scholarship efforts.

Publishing & Evaluation Services

Evaluation Services

Publishing and evaluation services are available for individuals, departments, programs or divisions. Examples of services are noted below. For more information, please contact Cathy Sarli or Amy Suiter.

Performance and Impact Assessment

  • Provide “Publication Analysis Packet” reports for individuals or groups
  • Provide h index reports for individuals or groups
  • Create graphs or charts to illustrate performance and impact
  • Track individuals such as trainees over an extended time period


  • Demonstrate a gap in the knowledge of a specific area of research for an application
  • Provide justification that an investigator is the best qualified person to undertake research in a specific area of research
  • Review sections of an application, progress report or renewal to supplement a narrative
  • Create graphs or charts to illustrate performance and impact

Recruitment & Tenure

  • Identify potential candidates in a specific area of research
  • Generate publication reports for potential candidates
  • Provide publication and h index reports for individuals or groups


  • Metrics for tracking of individuals or groups
  • Data sources for individuals or groups
  • Bibliometrics for research study purposes
  • Strategies to enhance dissemination of research outputs and activities

What are Publication Metrics?

Publication metrics are measures of productivity/performance, quality, and impact/influence based on publication data and social or public engagement activity. Assessment can be done on the following levels:


  • peer-reviewed journal article, conference paper, etc.


  • journal, book, etc.


  • investigator, author, clinician, student, etc.


  • research study, department, division, center, program, etc.


  • university, research organization, etc.

Need More Information?

Refer to Research Impact and Quantifying the Impact of My Publications for more examples of publication metrics.